6 Reasons Cloud ERP Leads to Happier Employees

Finding and retaining top talent is a major task for businesses who want to succeed. Seeking out and hiring employees is difficult enough – how do you keep them once they’re hired? A productive, healthy employee culture is critical to the long-term growth of your business.

One factor that can boost employee happiness and morale is investing in a cloud ERP system for your organization. Here are 6 reasons why cloud ERP can lead to happier employees:

1. Spend more time on valuable tasks

Cloud ERP solutions automate tasks, streamline workflows, provide AI-assisted analytics, and so many more tools that allow your employees to spend less time on repetitive tasks. If employees are complaining about entering duplicate data into spreadsheets, sorting through long email threads, looking for receipts to submit expenses, etc.—it’s time for cloud ERP. Free up employees’ time so they can do their jobs faster and spend more time contributing to more valuable initiatives.

2. Reduce frustration

Dealing with outdated or undersized ERP can create frustrating daily problems. Whether it’s navigating complex workarounds, manually re-entering data between applications, or troubleshooting broken spreadsheets, a legacy ERP system can mean a lot of unnecessary annoyance for your workers. Help them know that you value them by making their lives easier with modern, integrated, cloud-based ERP.

3. Keep everyone informed

Helping everyone understand where they fit in the big picture is a key part of employee satisfaction. With the right cloud ERP solution, you can provide every employee in your organization with access to the information they need—when, how and where they need it. Empower workers by giving them personalized, customized dashboards to complete tasks quickly and track their personal or team progress towards goals.  

4. Allocate resources more effectively

With a cloud ERP system that makes it easier to monitor and schedule resources, you ensure everyone has the tools and assistance they need to get their jobs done. For example, make sure that the technicians in your field service center have the parts, training, and information they need to improve your first-time fix rate and boost customer satisfaction.

5. Provide remote access

Whether it’s a technician trying to find customer information while they’re in the field or an employee trying to answer a question while they’re travelling, a cloud-based ERP solution provides secure 24/7/365 remote access to key data, in a mobile-friendly format. Help your workers keep up with the pace of modern business by giving them better mobile access. 

6. Show a commitment to future growth

One key feature of cloud ERP solutions like Dynamics 365 or NetSuite is the automatic application of regular updates. This means that your workers will have access to new technologies and productivity tools as they become available. Additionally, investing in future-focused cloud technology shows that your business is committed to remaining ahead of the curve in order to thrive in the long-term.

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Published On: April 17, 2020By Categories: Blog