5 Ways Connected Field Service Solutions Leads to Happier Customers


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Nowadays, all of this is changing. Technology innovations based on the cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) technology have been revolutionizing the way field service works and enabling proactive, efficient service. In turn, this is completely transforming the customer experience for the better.

Here’s how you can ensure happy customers with connected field service solutions:

1. Devices become connected with IoT networks

Internet of Things (IoT) technologies allow service centers to remotely connect devices to a centralized hub. Device status can be viewed in real time, and equipment issues send automated alerts to your system.

Using IoT technology, businesses are fundamentally transforming field service from reactive maintenance to a proactive approach. IoT connected devices send alerts to your device center when issues begin to occur; your workers can then diagnose and repair remotely, or you can send a technician with advance knowledge of the exact problem and how to fix it.

2. Customers can stay in the loop

Nobody likes to wait around not knowing exactly when a technician will show up. With real-time location tracking, customers can see exactly where a technician is en route, and view an accurate ETA. Automated alerts such as appointment reminders help customers remember when to expect a service call. Additionally, innovations within scheduling tools make it easier to optimize assignments as service requests arrive, so technicians can be rerouted or rescheduled as needed to improve response time.

3. Detailed histories enable personalized service

Best-in-class field service solutions make it easier to collect customer data and use it to provide improved service. Mobile-friendly apps allow technicians to access and add detailed customer and device histories or preferences. This information can be accessed by personnel ranging from other technicians to dispatchers to your sales team, making it possible for your workers to personalize interactions with every client.

4. Self-service customer portals

More and more, customers in all industries expect instant access to information and scheduling. Innovative field service solutions make this possible with self-service apps which allow customers to schedule their own appointments, share information about devices, and submit requests.

5. Better inventory tracking

Missing parts and low inventory are a major reason for delayed repairs and multiple service visits. Maintain happier customers and improve first-time fix rates with real-time inventory tracking tools that allow you to view which resources are where at any time. Create alerts that will automatically notify a worker if inventory levels drop below a certain threshold. Integrate inventory information with drag-and-drop scheduling so it’s easier to find and send the needed parts to the right place.

Learn more about innovative field service solutions

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Published On: November 10, 2019By Categories: Blog