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Learn How CRM Software Helps Your Business Grow.

Learn How CRM Software Helps Your Business Grow.

Here’s Why Integrated CRM Software is More Important than Ever 

Companies are constantly trying to get the attention of a limited pool of consumers. On a daily basis, potential customers are saturated with ads, possibilities for research, and new options to meet their needs. That’s just one reason integrated CRM software is more essential than ever in helping your business find, convert and retain customers.  

Here are 4 features of CRM software that will help your business thrive: 

1. Integration with ERP 

With a CRM solution that can integrate with your ERP, you can collect and analyze data from across your entire business from one centralized platform. A seamless integration between your CRM and ERP also means you can automate tasks as they move from one part of your business to another - from marketing to invoicing.  

This can mean a big increase in efficiency for your entire organization. Streamline ordering and billing, deliver products faster, gain real-time information about inventory and available resources, and give your workers access to important customer information to help them better fulfill customer needs.  

2. Sophisticated Analytics 

As mentioned above, integrated CRM means using data from across your business. Additionally, your CRM solution should include powerful analytics to help focus and measure your marketing, sales, and customer service efforts.  

Use complex analytics to better understand your pipeline, increase the accuracy of your forecasting, analyze buyer needs and preferences, set alerts to monitor sales quotas and get warnings when you aren’t making your numbers.   

These analytics can be helpful to people throughout your business, not just managers and top decision-makers. Allow each of your sellers to become more effective by giving them a real-time view of the sales pipeline, helpful metrics, goal completion, and relevant benchmarks.  

3Social Selling 

As more and more of the world’s population uses social media, social selling becomes an increasingly critical tool for a successful sales team. Integrate your CRM with your social sales efforts by using a tool such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator to build relationships, establish trust, and nurture leads.   

4. Artificial Intelligence 

Stay ahead of the competition by offering the right products to the right people at the right time. A cutting-edge CRM application will include artificial intelligence tools to help you focus your efforts. Use intelligent guidance to better understand customer demands, market changes, and industry trends—with predictive recommendations to keep customers happy. 

Want to learn more about integrated CRM for your business? 

Here at OTT, Inc., we specialize in helping customers choose, implement, and use the best possible business technology solutions. We’re proud to offer Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, a suite of integrated sales, marketing and customer engagement applications designed to fit your business.  

We also understand that no business or application is one-size-fits-all. That’s why you’ll appreciate our  Trusted Partner Path 5-step methodology to ensure measurable outcomes from your technology investments. Contact us today to speak with an expert about your business’s needs, strategies, and long-term goals.  

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