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3 Ways Quality CRM Leads to Happier Customers

In today’s buyer-driven market, a good customer relationship management (CRM) solution has a lot of direct benefits for your company, such as facilitating targeted marketing, revealing sales leads with advanced analytics, and enabling social selling. Additionally, effective CRM tools can have some long-term secondary effects that help create a positive cycle of sales growth and success for your organization.

One way first-rate CRM can help your business in the long haul is by improving the experience of your customers. Sales aren’t just about selling, they’re also the beginning of the customer relationship that’s so critical to your business’s future success. Top-notch CRM tools help engage your customers by increasing sales team collaboration, allowing your sellers to spend more time interacting with prospects, and empowering your customers with the right information.

Here are 3 ways to make customers happy with CRM:

1. Increase collaboration within your organization

While there are many factors that can contribute to a positive customer experience, one way to increase engagement is by increasing collaboration within your own business. In The Thinking Behind Customer Relationship Management, CRM entrepreneur Jon Ferrara explains, “Good customer service begins from the inside; employees need to be unified in their mission to enhance the customer’s journey.”

Quality CRM software enables collaboration within the sales team and across departments by making it easy to capture and share customer information, as well as connecting employees through integrated communication platforms. Customers prefer – and are coming to expect – a highly personalized experience. With the right CRM tools, you can ensure your sales team has the information they need to make it happen.

2. Increase time actually interacting with prospects

study by Pace Productivity revealed that sales reps spent just 22% of their work week actually interacting with prospects to sell things. The remaining 78% of time was mostly taken by planning, administration, order processing, and similar tedious tasks.

CRM tools can automate these non-sales duties by offering information, collaboration, advanced analytics, and numerous other features. With the right solution, you can make it easier for sales reps to spend time actually interacting with a customer, rather than wasting their time on data entry, research, or accidentally pursuing the wrong prospects. By freeing up sellers to do their actual jobs, you give them time to provide a better experience to the prospect.

3. Empower your customers

Keeping customers engaged and loyal is a lot of work throughout the entire life cycle of the business-customer relationship. However, businesses that adopt CRM solutions are able to use these tools to target the right prospects in the first place.

Advanced analytics, for example, can help sales reps determine which prospects are most likely to convert to a sale, and then provide those prospects with the information they need to make their own decision. Built-in social media tools make it easier for your sales reps to truly engage with the customer, which in today’s buyer-driven market is a key step toward success. By giving your sales team the tools they need to succeed, CRM can enable your sellers to begin the customer relationship on the right foot.

Considering an upgrade to your CRM solution?

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Published On: July 5, 2019By Categories: Blog