2020 Nonprofit Technology Trends to Watch


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As we look into 2020, it’s time for nonprofits to look ahead to the future. OTT, Inc. technology consultants are always anticipating business challenges for nonprofits, as well as emerging technologies that can solve those challenges. Here are a few of the big nonprofit technology trends to watch in 2020.

1. Modernizing fundraising

Every year, donors have more options for nonprofits to support. Additionally, they’re coming to expect and demand that the nonprofits they do support can provide proof of excellent fiscal management. In 2020, nonprofits will be tackling this challenge by implementing modern fundraising and donor management solutions.

Use these tools to improve the effectiveness of fundraising from start to finish:

  • Intelligent analytics to understand giving patterns, volunteer needs, and common donor characteristics so your nonprofit knows your audience better than peer organizations
  • Sophisticated marketing tools for targeted messaging and a more personalized experience for potential donors or volunteers
  • Mobile apps that make it fast and easy for people to donate to your cause
  • A centralized donor management database and consistent, automated, secure communications across multiple channels
  • Integrated financial management tools and customizable reporting so you can accurately track and transparently share information with donors and stakeholders

2. Cloud software adoption

Each year more nonprofits realize the benefit of adopting cloud-based software solutions for their organization, and in 2020 this trend will continue to accelerate. Reduced IT costs, predictable monthly subscriptions, and regular automatic updates make cloud-based solutions affordable to implement. Once adopted, cloud-based solutions facilitate time-saving automation of daily processes, improved financial management, mobile accessibility, and better scalability when your organization grows.

Last but not least, cloud-based solutions typically offer stronger security and can meet the most strict compliance regulations versus storing your information in on-premises legacy systems. Storing data in the cloud protects your organization’s information and provides full accessibility in case of an emergency or natural disaster. Also, cloud data centers can afford to focus on combatting the latest cybersecurity threats so your financial data and sensitive donor information is at lower risk of being pirated.

3. Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence

In 2020, more nonprofits small and large will join their for-profit counterparts in taking advantage of modern artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics. Analytics tools make it possible to fully understand donors, better manage finances, streamline daily operations, and focus more resources on achieving your mission. Artificial intelligence takes this one step further by automatically combining and processing complex data into helpful information so organizations can understand even more about their donors, volunteers, funds, and operations.

Curious about the many nonprofit technology options available?

Here at OTT, Inc., we understand that not-for-profit organizations operate on tight budgets and have unique needs when it comes to management solutions. That’s why we use a proven 5-step methodology, the Trusted Partner Path, to ensure we’re helping you meet your long-term goals, achieve your mission, and ensure a rapid return on your investment.  Contact us today to speak with a nonprofit technology solutions expert.


Published On: January 20, 2020By Categories: Blog