Case Study: ROC Management

ROC Management streamlines accounting with a software upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP

“Our Microsoft technologies help us reduce costs and increase efficiency, which ultimately enables us to focus on our restaurant business.” Cheryl Becker Comptroller ROC Management & Associates, Inc.

ROC Management had been using a dated accounting package for its general ledger and wanted to find a more streamlined way to integrate its point-of-sale operations and manage sales and accounts receivable for the company. The pizza outlet management company installed Microsoft Dynamics GP, consolidating all data into a single system, with significantly improved reporting and a payroll process that takes half the time of the previous system.

Business Needs

ROC Management had been using a dated accounting package from Streamline for its general ledger, along with Speedline software for point-of-sale operations and Tenant Pro to manage sales and accounts receivable for the company.

The organization’s existing accounting system often required repeated information entry, leading to increased cost, time and potential errors. For example, one vendor provided information in a Microsoft Excel file format. That data needed to be rekeyed into the Streamline software. The company also was having difficulties with issuance of payroll to its 600 employees across four companies in two states.

The Streamline product was an outdated non-graphical General Ledger accounting system. ROC Management desired a system that would be supported in the future and also provided a graphical user interface for their users. In addition, the Streamline product lacked certain reporting and integration capabilities ROC Management sought to support their growing business. ROC needed a system to provide easy integration with its existing Speedline and Tenant Pro restaurant hospitality technologies.


The company decided to replace Streamline with a system that would provide better integration, more timely reporting, and elimination of duplicate keying of data.

ROC called on Microsoft Gold Partner OTT, Inc. of Minneapolis/St. Paul because of its expertise with Microsoft Dynamics GP, formerly Great Plains, for accounting and payroll. OTT, Inc. found GP’s payroll functionality was a good fit for ROC that would provide significant efficiencies. Similarly, ROC would benefit from the financial statements produced by Microsoft’s FRx financial reporting software, which simplified the reporting process substantially.

Microsoft Dynamics GP also provided Integration Manager, which enabled ROC to import all of its employees’ timesheet transactions from the Speedline software used in the stores. The company also would be able to easily import daily sales figures.

OTT implemented Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0, integrating it with ROC’s other business software, working both onsite and remotely, with the Iowa client from OTT’s headquarters in St. Paul. Within three weeks, Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 was up, running and producing results.


For the first time, ROC Management personnel began working with an accounting system that used a graphical interface, one that would be supported in the future instead of becoming outmoded. All of ROC’s data is now integrated into a single system, with significantly improved reporting and a much better payroll process. For ROC Management, the accounting process has been greatly accelerated by its new integrated financial management system based on Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The payroll process is much improved now using Great Plains as compared to Streamline. The processing of payroll is reduced by 3-4 hours, almost 50% of the processing time. The cost and time savings made an instant impact on ROC Management’s bottom line.

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