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Tame The Paperwork, Save The Trees

Every office building has a room with rows of file cabinets stuffed to capacity with papers – financial documents, customer files, order forms, […]

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Enhancing Relationships in your Nonprofit Enterprise

As both income and opportunity continue to fall throughout the country, the demand for nonprofit services escalates commensurately. Unfortunately, the same forces that […]

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Tip! Microsoft Dynamics GP “Refreshable” Excel Reports

What is a Microsoft Dynamic GP “Refreshable” Excel Report (MDGP Excel)? It’s an Excel file that automatically updates data from Dynamics GP when […]

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Double Your Benefits When Upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

When you upgrade to the most current version of Microsoft Dynamics GP (GP 2013) you receive double the benefits. First of all you […]

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How Well Do You Know The People Supporting Your Nonprofit?

Many associations and nonprofits receive support from two different sets of people – your members and your supporters. Your members receive the services […]

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To reconcile or not to reconcile with finance; that is the question

In 2010, I began working for a nonprofit in their development office. Although the nonprofit had been established for close to thirty years, […]

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The Stepping Stones to a Complete Document Management Solution

Document management or “going paperless” can be a confusing concept to understand. “Document imaging” or just capturing documents to be stored electronically is […]

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Innovation Could be Your Success Factor, If Only QuickBooks Wasn’t Holding You Back

According to a 2012 survey by Information Week Enterprise Applications, 24% of businesses hope to develop and deliver innovative products and services. In […]

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The Keys to a Successful ERP Implementation

In doing some research on successful ERP implementations, I found a statistic on one of the websites I was going through that stated […]

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Timing is Everything!

We’re reposting this blog because we’ve recently had a spate of phone calls from clients who have recently upgraded their hardware and subsequently […]

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