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Getting To Know Customers Can Lead To Lifetime Value

In many retail settings, customers have value and some offer more value than others. The longer you can retain a customer, the more value they can have to your business. Getting to know your customers is an important part of retention and you can strengthen customer relationships with stronger technology. Just as your business grows and changes over time, so can your customers’ needs. What they once needed could easily change in response to marketplace conditions...
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The Cloud Offers Options & Chance To Make Changes

The cloud offers a new opportunity for businesses to make changes to their existing business management solutions. Moving from an on-premise software solution to the cloud (or implementing a hybrid solution) can save money, time, and offers the chance to make your business solutions even better. Over time, businesses go through changes. You may add or change product and service offerings, experience operational changes, or modify strategic goals. Going in a new direction...
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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 – More Productivity for your People and your Business

Microsoft continues to make significant investments in their Dynamics ERP product line. Dynamics GP 2015 just recently released and is available for both new and existing customers this month. New functionality for Dynamics GP 2015 was developed primarily with business productivity in mind. With today’s workforce becoming more mobile and more agile; Microsoft understands the importance of having business applications that can deliver on the needs of today’s workers and companies. Key areas of investment for Dynamics...
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Best Methods of Processing ePayments: Part 2

In the previous blog, we discussed the best methods for processing ePayments: using secure solutions, handling your customers’ data correctly, and tying your transactions to your other accounting processes. Nodus Technologies specializes in electronic payments and accounts receivable because we know how important it is for your company to manage your collection processes in a secure and efficient manner. Here are 3 ways that Nodus can help you simplify and improve your method of processing electronic payments:
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