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Basics of Scribe Administration Tools

Most users of integration tools such as Dynamics GP Integration Manager and Scribe Software tend to understand, if not fully grasp, the aspects […]

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5 Ways the Cloud Can Save You Money on Dynamics GP in 2016

Microsoft Dynamics GP pricing is going up on January 1, 2016, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your budget has to go up with […]

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Connect The Data With An Integrated Business Management Solution

Using disparate, specialty solutions can lead you in several different directions and waste valuable time.  It takes longer to find data when it’s […]

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BlackBaud vs. Microsoft CRM? Which one is best for YOU?

I am interested in feedback from the internet community on BlackBaud fund raising applications, and reasons why a non-profit would not prefer a […]

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Getting To Know Customers Can Lead To Lifetime Value

In many retail settings, customers have value and some offer more value than others. The longer you can retain a customer, the more […]

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The Cloud Offers Options & Chance To Make Changes

The cloud offers a new opportunity for businesses to make changes to their existing business management solutions. Moving from an on-premise software solution […]

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Best Methods of Processing ePayments: Part 2

In the previous blog, we discussed the best methods for processing ePayments: using secure solutions, handling your customers’ data correctly, and tying your […]

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Best Methods of Processing ePayments: Part 1

Electronic payments, or ePayments, provide a convenient way for customers to make purchases and pay their bills. For Merchants, this can make buying […]

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Are YOU Ready to go Mobile?

With the release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 (and 2015 on the horizon), many organizations are asking this very question. So as an […]

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Protecting Your Investment with Software Assurance

You have invested in a powerful business management solution to streamline operations, improve control and insight, and support growth. Keep your solution running […]

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