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3 Ways Quality CRM Leads to Happier Customers

In today’s buyer-driven market, a good customer relationship management (CRM) solution has a lot of direct benefits for your company, such as facilitating targeted marketing, revealing sales leads with advanced analytics, and enabling social selling. Additionally…

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Improve Your First-time Fix Rate with Dynamics 365 for Field Service

For businesses that offer field service, first-time fix rate is a key metric to measure the success of your service calls. Learn how MS Dynamics 365 for Field Service can boost your first-time fix rate and customer satisfaction.

How Will Switching to Cloud ERP Affect Your Personnel?

In today’s business world, successful organizations need to leverage the best technology while cultivating a good work culture for their employees. If you’re […]

4 Topics to Consider Before Switching to Cloud ERP

Here in the Midwest, more and more businesses are switching their ERP software from an on-premises environment to a cloud-based solution. There’s good […]

Is the Cloud for You?

Limited Time Offer from Microsoft – Available May 1, 2019 and October 31, 2019 Only

Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional

If you already own between 25 – 300 licenses of Microsoft Office OR Office 365, you receive 25% off Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional for up to 3 years!

4 Reasons Sales Teams Love Microsoft Dynamics 365

If you’re involved in the sales side of your business, you know how difficult it can be to stay organized and effective in […]

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4 Ways Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service Will Transform Your Business

Is field service in your organization synonymous with manual processes, reactive maintenance, constant phone calls, or impatient customers? These issues used to be […]

Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps manufacturers manage holiday sales

How Will Holiday Sales Reshape Your Manufacturing Processes? Manufacturers have a lot of people to satisfy from customers to distributors to employees. Whether […]

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps firms integrate business data

How to Work Faster and Smarter, Not Harder In this digital era, businesses have little choice but to work faster and smarter. That […]

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Helps Measure Social Media Marketing

Are Your Social Marketing Campaigns Making Cents? Marketing and advertising have evolved greatly as new social channels continue to demand your attention. Does […]

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