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Sticking with On-Premise ERP is Beneficial

Why Some Businesses Should Stay with On-Premise ERP 

As more businesses adopt cloud-based ERP solutions, those who are still using on-premise systems might be asking if it’s time to make the move. While cloud ERP does have a lot of advantages and is an ideal solution for many businesses, there is a case for certain businesses to stay with on-premise software or processes. Here’s why.  

1. Security 

On-premise ERP leaves security in the hands of the...

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Nonprofit Accounting Software: Is Yours Moving You Forward or Holding You Back?

How can the wrong nonprofit accounting software prevent you from achieving your mission?

Effective money management is a huge part of your success as an organization. At a minimum, you want to achieve financial transparency, demonstrate long-term fiscal responsibility, comply with guidelines and regulations, raise money without spending too much, stay within budget, and effectively plan ahead.

If you really want to thrive, you also need to understand all the daily...

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6 Reasons Cloud ERP Leads to Happier Employees

Finding and retaining top talent is a major task for businesses who want to succeed. Seeking out and hiring employees is difficult enough – how do you keep them once they’re hired? A productive, healthy employee culture is critical to the long-term growth of your business.

One factor that can boost employee happiness and morale is investing in a cloud ERP system for your organization. Here are 6 reasons why cloud ERP can lead...

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5 Ways to Use Nonprofit BI and Analytics Tools

Most ERP and business management systems have the ability to gather large quantities of data. However, data collection alone isn’t the goal for nonprofits. Without any analysis, you can’t turn raw data into information that can help you make better decisions for your organization.

Today’s data analysis and business intelligence tools for nonprofits are enabling organizations to measure the effectiveness of, and make improvements to, both daily operations and long-term programs. Here are a...

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