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3 Tips on how to Prepare for Microsoft Convergence

This year I got to experience Microsoft Convergence, in New Orleans, LA, for the first time. What an experience! After a ton of subtle, then not so subtle hints to my boss that I wanted to be the one to go before I finally got the approval. With that comes the excitement of visiting somewhere warmer than Minnesota, the idea of learning, and the nervousness that all that networking brings. While I have been working...
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Essential Information for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

OTT, Inc. recently hosted a Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Preview event in the Twin Cities area. We had tremendous interest in the new version of Dynamics GP and wanted to share some extra materials that we have uploaded to our website with you. Microsoft has made available several PDFs which explain more about some of the new features incorporated in the product:
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Microsoft Announces Upcoming Updates

Microsoft have just released a slew of communications relating to upcoming releases and updates. Changes to US Payroll 941 Form
  • Per the IRS – the final form is not out yet. The IRS communicated to Microsoft that they only have the instructions left to update and that Microsoft can go ahead and program the changes based on the draft of the form. The draft is available for review today.
  • Expected release date for customers...
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Microsoft Dynamics GP Tip

Your local Windows Temp folder may be collecting some GP temp files that are not removed when closing the program. C-tree temp tables are stored in the user's temp folder. You can locate the temp folder by typing %TEMP% in the address bar of Windows Explorer. GP temp tables all beginning with a 'TNT' prefix and have a .dat, .tmp and/or .idx extensions. C-tree temp files are not removed when GP is done with them. Although these...
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