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Monthly Archives: October 2019

Can Cloud Solutions Integrate with On-Premises Solutions and Files?

Cloud and On-premise Integration

This is a common question we hear at OTT, Inc. and the answer is yes—it’s absolutely possible to integrate cloud and on-premises systems and data! This popular approach is often called a “hybrid cloud” system. There are many reasons businesses do this, including:

  • Security requirements: keep sensitive or highly regulated data on-premises, while sending workflows and other less sensitive data to the cloud.
  • Speed advantages:...
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Can You Customize a Cloud Application to Meet Specific Business Requirements?

Develop custom functionality within Cloud Applications

Yes, you can develop custom functionality within a cloud application – and in many ways it’s easier and less expensive than customizing traditional on-premises software.

However, creating custom functionality within the cloud works a little differently than developing customizations for a traditional on-premises system. This is because cloud applications are designed differently than on-premises systems and include regular automatic updates. Custom functionality needs to be compatible...

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