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Monthly Archives: July 2019

Is Cloud ERP Secure and Reliable?

Secure Cloud ERP

Here in the Midwest, we’re proud of our culture’s reliable work ethic and our emphasis on integrity. In the modern era of big data and digital finance, this extends to the security and reliability of our software applications as well. Many businesses who are considering switching to a cloud-based ERP solution understandably have questions about the safety and security of a cloud-based system....

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3 Ways Quality CRM Leads to Happier Customers

Field Services Technician Dynamics 365

In today’s buyer-driven market, a good customer relationship management (CRM) solution has a lot of direct benefits for your company, such as facilitating targeted marketing, revealing sales leads with advanced analytics, and enabling social selling. Additionally, effective CRM tools can have some long-term secondary effects that help create a positive cycle of sales growth and success for your organization....

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Improve Your First-time Fix Rate with Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Improve Customer Service with Dynamics 365

Whether your organization views field service as a costly necessity or the core of your business strategy, a high success rate for service calls is critical to minimizing costs and maximizing customer satisfaction. However, according to The Service Council, 26% of first-time service calls require return visits for reasons such as the technician lacking the right tool or...

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