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Yearly Archives: 2019

3 Benefits Nonprofits Are Seeing from Today’s Technology

Team members working together

Is it worth the investment to modernizing your nonprofit’s software? If chosen and implemented correctly, the answer is a resounding yes!

In order to fulfill your mission, your nonprofit needs to effectively manage money, stay in touch with members, donors and volunteers, and make administrative tasks as efficient as possible. You want to reduce the time, resources, money, and brain power needed for administrative and...

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5 Ways Connected Field Service Solutions Leads to Happier Customers

Field service worker

Nowadays, all of this is changing. Technology innovations based on the cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) technology have been revolutionizing the way field service works and enabling proactive, efficient service. In turn, this is completely transforming the customer experience for the better.

Here’s how you can ensure happy customers with connected field service solutions:

1. Devices become connected with...

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Can Cloud Solutions Integrate with On-Premises Solutions and Files?

Cloud and On-premise Integration

This is a common question we hear at OTT, Inc. and the answer is yes—it’s absolutely possible to integrate cloud and on-premises systems and data! This popular approach is often called a “hybrid cloud” system. There are many reasons businesses do this, including:

  • Security requirements: keep sensitive or highly regulated data on-premises, while sending workflows and other less sensitive data to the cloud.
  • Speed advantages:...
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Can You Customize a Cloud Application to Meet Specific Business Requirements?

Develop custom functionality within Cloud Applications

Yes, you can develop custom functionality within a cloud application – and in many ways it’s easier and less expensive than customizing traditional on-premises software.

However, creating custom functionality within the cloud works a little differently than developing customizations for a traditional on-premises system. This is because cloud applications are designed differently than on-premises systems and include regular automatic updates. Custom functionality needs to be compatible...

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