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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps firms integrate business data

How to Work Faster and Smarter, Not Harder In this digital era, businesses have little choice but to work faster and smarter. That Daily production reportdoesn’t mean you have to work harder. With a strong digital foundation, you can position your business for more efficient operations and strong growth. Modern systems, like Microsoft Dynamics 365 offer a whole new level of flexibility. Learn how you can...
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Helps Measure Social Media Marketing

Are Your Social Marketing Campaigns Making Cents? Marketing and advertising have evolved greatly as new social channels continue to demand your attention. Does a business even exist if it doesn’t have a social media presence? In many cases, probably not. However, just having a social media presence doesn’t mean guaranteed success. To the contrary, you could be wasting valuable time and efforts on marketing in a social media...
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