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Monthly Archives: December 2013

How Well Do You Know The People Supporting Your Nonprofit?

Many associations and nonprofits receive support from two different sets of people – your members and your supporters. Your members receive the services that your nonprofit offers while supporters often volunteer time, resources, or money to help you succeed at your mission. Both groups have different needs, may participate in different events, and support the nonprofit in different ways – which means you need to manage their information differently. Due to budget limitations, many associations...
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To reconcile or not to reconcile with finance; that is the question

In 2010, I began working for a nonprofit in their development office. Although the nonprofit had been established for close to thirty years, some basic business practice still needed to be put into place. One business practice that became apparent early on was no reconciliation took place between finance and development. Some of you may ask, “Well, why does this matter?” I will provide some examples of my observations of struggles that took place...
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