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Monthly Archives: June 2013

The Effect of Sequestration on Nonprofits

Throughout the years I have worked with a multitude of nonprofit organizations allowing me a glimpse at the inner workings of various successful nonprofits. With sequestration cuts to budgets affecting nearly every nonprofit organization, it has become clear that being a successful nonprofit organization in today’s business world is challenging and has become more than just the services you provide to the community. Over time I have come to pinpoint two critical points in which...
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Evolving your Customer Service with Customer Relationship Management

In today’s ever changing customer service environment, it is critical to stay on top of current customer needs while anticipating their future requests and requirements. Without the ability to pre-emptively guide your customer service towards future customer expectations while maintaining high customer service standards your business can suffer stunted growth as well as hinder customer retention. With the most important tool in your business being the people you employ, the second is that system your...
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