NetSuite Solution Provider




In the traditional world of ERP the word ‘upgrade’ can strike fear into one’s heart. In a world where cloud technologies are becoming more pervasive, companies can schedule migrations and upgrades with minimal impact to their day to day business activities.

Approximately 24,000 organizations run NetSuite across more than 100 countries. Some of the world’s best known brands have taken their businesses to the cloud with NetSuite. It is because of this track record that OTT, Inc. has opted to become a NetSuite Solution Provider.

Organizations that run NetSuite today:

  • Free themselves from expensive and disruptive upgrades
  • Can deploy across divisions and subsidiaries quickly and efficiently
  • Truly transform their IT operations thus reducing costs and driving business results
  • Gain an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that is flexible and changes with the needs of the business.

Designed for modern companies, NetSuite delivers benefits to businesses whether large, small or in-between. Scalable and flexible, NetSuite can change as your business does.

NetSuite’s webinars help you learn more about what NetSuite can do for your business—right from your desktop. These webinars include both visual and audio content, and many include product demonstrations.

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